My son is 3 he keeps on having cough either at night or in the morning after he wakes up, and later in evening which tends to be wheezing at few occasions. He brings mucus up all time. Doctor has given pump not keen to use please advice.

Cough in children can be very painful and cause immense trouble. Children may experience either dry or wet cough both of which can affect their breathing leading to disturbed nights and stressful days.

There are many over the counter cough medications that you could use as a treatment for the cold. However these tend to have side effects like drowsiness and sleepiness. Besides the use of these cough syrups that could be harsh on children, the use of natural cough remedies for children can also be considered. There are no cures for cough or cold so all you can do, as a parent, is to try and make the symptoms bearable till is passes.

  • Hydration is very important. You need give your child plenty of liquids. Mix together some mild lemon syrup, ginger juice and honey and give it to the child to soothe the cough.
  • Diluted juice or warm milk is also beneficial. Add a little turmeric and sugar to the milk. The anti inflammatory properties of turmeric help soothe the rawness of the throat.
  • A syrup of honey and aniseed powder is also very soothing for cough.
  • Using herbs like licorice root, thyme leaves, rose hips, marshmallow roots, lemon balm leaves and horehound, you can make a syrup that helps loosen phlegm. It can even help children who are suffering from dry cough.
  • Hot soups also act as an elixir for children suffering from coughs.
  • Garlic juice or soup with lots of garlic is also known to reduce suffering.
  • Increase your child’s vitamin C. But do not do this on your own and check with your doctor before increasing the dose of vitamin C.
  • Soft, gelatinous food also helps children so puddings, custard, ice cream and even popsicles can really soothe the throat.

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