What Remedies Do I Use For A Creosote Burn?

Creosote burns can be quite severe and painful. Apart from the usual remedies to be followed for burns, you can add a couple of other things to take care of these 2quite easily and effectively. Do keep in mind however, that how quickly and well you heal would totally depend upon how strongly and deeply you have been burned. If your burn is mild, you should first hold it in plenty of cold running water. Instead of penetrating deep into your skin, this will actually work positively by making the surface of your skin cool down to a large extent. This will prevent the burn from going deeper into your body. For a little stronger burn, you can follow this remedy and then follow it up by applying a little bit of preparation H to your burns. This is easily available in all pharmacies, and is an excellent product to use for almost all kinds of burns. Another excellent remedy to use for burns of this type is to apply petroleum jelly to them. Keep in mind, however, that this cannot be sued if your burn is an open sore. If you do this, you will worsen the situation. This is because petroleum jelly is an opaque substance and will not allow any heat to escape from within the burn. It will also not allow it to heal, by simply suffocating the injury and only making it progressively worse.

You can also try to apply cold packs to your burn intermittently. This will help by providing momentary relief. Once the surface has blistered, you can also apply plain minty toothpaste to your burn. This will also absorb the heat from the burn and will not allow it to spread beneath the surface and consequently worsen. Just make sure you don't use toothpaste which has whitening agents. These may hinder effective healing of your burn. Another excellent remedial measure is to apply turmeric powder to your burn. This can be simply sprinkled if your burn is an open blister. If not, you can make a paste with turmeric powder and clarified butter and apply this to your burns. This is also safe to apply on an open sore. This is an excellent combination that will help to your burn extremely well and quickly. It will also bring relief from the pain that typically accompanies such burns. Make sure you keep your burnt area dry while bathing.

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