I am scheduled for a full knee replacement in less than 2 weeks. My blood pressure has gone crazy, 225-125. I am on 330 mg of cartizem and 80mg, divan. I have visited the ER twice last week. Help me in this.

In order to bring your blood pressure down, there are various simple methods that can be adopted at home. These will also help you out in addition to the medication you are also taking. But for starters, if you are scheduled for a knee replacement surgery, the best thing you can do is postpone it. If your blood pressure is as high as 225 over 125, then the chances are that even if you do opt for surgery, the surgeon will choose to cancel it. This is because with such high blood pressure, surgery is an extremely dangerous option. Not only could it complicate matters, it is also possible that it will prove to be particularly dangerous for you. You should try to schedule a surgery after about two months. Meanwhile, you can follow some methods to bring your blood pressure down slowly and steadily. These would also include some lifestyle as well as dietary changes. To begin with, cut back on your salt intake. Stop table salt altogether. Increase your intake of fresh fruits and vegetables. Try to take a bowl of salad as well as soup with every meal. If you begin your meal with these, chances are you will eat less of meat and other carbohydrates.

You must make it a point to go for a walk on a daily basis. This will be of maximum assistance in your situation. It is inadvisable for you to indulge in aerobic exercise. This is not going to be any good for your increased blood pressure. Instead, you can opt for yoga. This will help you to bring your body under control to a very large extent. If you cannot find a gymnasium or health center near your home for this purpose, try to find a qualified instructor who will give private lessons. This may be an expensive proposition, but it will prove to be a very good investment in your own health. High blood pressure is also a result of high stress. If you are plagued with high stress, then you also need to control this factor. It will automatically bring your blood pressure down. Try to meditate if you can. This will help you with controlling your stress levels. Once again, you must find the proper and correct way to do it. The only hitch here is that you would have to follow these methods for at least a couple of months or so before you can hope to see any positive results.

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