I am taking my daily maintenance (norplus 10mg) for my high blood pressure. Last week I took 2 capsules (1 at night & 1 lunch time) of FERN-C (non -acidic Vitamin C). Since then my heart is palpitating. What will I do?

There are a number of unanswered questions here, which make it difficult to decide the reason for your palpitations. Normally, only a single day's dosage of non acidic vitamin C should normally not make you get palpitations. However, if you are certain this is the cause, then you must get medical assistance immediately. Palpitations are a serious matter and must not be ignored or taken lightly at any cost. Considering that you a patient of high blood pressure, it is all the more important that you not ignore this new development. A doctor will be able to examine and diagnose you accurately. It is possible that there is a change in your condition, which is leading to palpitations. It is also possible that there is another completely unrelated cause for them. Whatever the case, your best bet is to see a doctor without any further delay.

It is quite obvious and need not be repeated that you must not take even a single dose of Fern C again without medical consultation. In order to bring high blood pressure under control, there are also some simple lifestyle changes you can make in addition to taking pills daily. These will help you to maintain overall better health. Make it a point to eat as much garlic as you can. Garlic is an especially effective remedy in dealing with high blood pressure. You should also try to take in a brisk walk for at least 20 minutes everyday. Try to increase the time to 45 minutes after a while, as this will help you to maintain overall good health as well. Cut back on meat, friend and processed foods, as all of them tend to be high in salt content, which will only serve to increase your blood pressure. Cut out table salt from your diet.

answered by M W

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