My husband's blood pressure is around 180. Is it normal or too high?

The blood is pumped from the heart to the other parts of the body. Blood vessels called arteries perform this task of carrying blood throughout the body. The force with which the blood pushes against the artery walls refers to blood pressure. Blood is pumped into the arteries every time the heart beats. When the heart is beating and pumping blood, the blood pressure is the highest and is referred to as systolic pressure. When the heart is resting, between the beats, the blood pressure is lowered and is referred to as diastolic pressure. As such blood pressure is measured in terms of two numbers, each representing the systolic and diastolic pressure. Both these values are very important and they are usually mentioned one before the other such as 120/80 mmHg. This means that 120 is the systolic pressure and 80 is the diastolic pressure. The blood pressure varies throughout the day and is low during sleep and is elevated during the waking hours. It can also increase when the person is performing physical activity or when he experiences excitement or nervousness. However, the normal level is considered to be 120/80. If blood pressure is at 140/90 or above, then it is termed as high blood pressure.

high blood pressure levels means that the heart is putting in extra effort and as such the arteries too are affected. It also increases vulnerability to heart attack, stroke and problems of the kidney. There are various causes of high blood pressure and when a single factor may not be identified as causing the condition, it is called primary high blood pressure. If the cause can be determined as another underlying medical condition, or due to intake of a certain medication, then it is called secondary high blood pressure.

Garlic is an effective way to control blood pressure as it is known to restrict spasms from occurring in the arteries. It may be taken directly in the food daily. Another beneficial remedy for high blood pressure is one tablespoon of Indian Gooseberry mixed with honey. Lemon is a wonderful natural product with many health benefits. lemon juice taken every day will help to regulate blood pressure levels. Watermelon seeds may also be taken after drying and roasting them as they are believed to have a beneficial effect on the blood vessels. Rice is known to be an ideal food for those suffering from high blood pressure. Brown rice contains calcium that helps to alleviate the symptoms of elevated blood pressure levels in the body.

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The blood pressure reading you have described here is extremely high! It is absolutely imperative that you consult a doctor immediately in order to get an accurate diagnosis of your husband's condition. It may also be possible that your husband will require medication to treat his condition. With such a high blood pressure reading, it is better not to take any chances. You should know that the normal bracket for blood pressure is between 80 and 120, systolic and diastolic. If you are in confusion about this kind of terminology, it is even more important that you consult your doctor about this. High blood pressure is not a trivial ailment and is not to be taken lightly at any time. Along with medicines that the doctor would definitely prescribe for your husband, you can also take some measures at home to ensure that you manage to keep your husband's blood pressure under control. Remember that keeping blood pressure under control is also a matter of lifestyle. Your husband may also have to make some lifestyle changes, and that too on a permanent basis, in order to keep his blood pressure under control.

To begin with, you must make it a rule to eliminate all kinds of table salt and spice from his diet. Table salt usually causes the most damage. Salt is an essential element of our daily diet and may not be permanently excluded from it. It is for this reason that you have to control his salt intake. Too much salt usually results in a rise in blood pressure quite easily. You should also make it a rule to add lots of fresh leafy greens and raw vegetables to his diet. This is also good fro his general health. It is essential for him to exercise on a daily basis. This will also help to keep his blood pressure under control. A half hour of walk or some mild exercise should suffice. If he can, he should go for a swim. This will make a huge difference in controlling his weight as well. It is also important to keep your weight in check when suffering from high blood pressure. Although these methods will help to maintain general good health as well as control blood pressure, you should know that your husband will also have to take regular medication for his problem. By no means can a visit to the doctor and administration of proper medication be avoided.

answered by G M

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