Is there a remedy for stiff neck muscles?

Stiff neck muscles can be caused by any number of reasons. This could be caused by your job which requires holding your head in one position for long periods of time. On the other hand this could also be due to a bad posture while sitting or sleeping. Once the neck muscles are stiff the best thing that you can do is to wait for them to relax on their own. However, if the pain is too much for you to bear, then you should try some simple remedies to remove the stiffness in your neck muscles. You can dip a towel in some hot water and place this on the affected muscles. This can certainly help to relax the affected muscles. You can also heat a griddle, and heat your towel on this before laying the towel on your muscles. A cold compress also works in some instances. You can soak your towel in cold water and then hold the towel against the affected area. A good hot soak can also help the muscles relax. A hot shower works as well too, and you can try this to see how effective it is in reducing the pain and discomfort. You can also try rubbing in some muscle relaxant on the affected muscles. Ensure that you do not use excessive force since this could cause further problems.

You should also see an experienced masseur since he or she can effectively massage the affected muscles and relieve stressed muscles. Do not get worried or stressed about your stiff neck - instead, you should make a conscious attempt to relax since your muscles will hurt more if you keep them constantly taut. Lie down in a comfortable position, so that your muscles can rest and relax. When lying down, always remember to give your neck ample support. Your regular pillows may not be suitable for this, and it is even possible that they have caused the stiff neck or will aggravate it. Instead, you can roll up a towel and place this under your neck when you are lying down. Ensure that that your head, neck, and back, are properly aligned – the towel should support your neck, not force it into an odd angle. Apart from this, don't make any sudden movements, and avoid carrying anything heavy or deliberately moving your neck. If the pain persists for a couple of days, you should consult a good doctor, as there may be some more serious injury.

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