Treatment for bleeding ear infection

The first thing to know if you are troubled with an ear infection is that you should never try to treat it yourself or at home. This is dangerous and can actually result in permanent hearing loss of something goes wrong or backfires. The best thing for you to do would be to go to a general physician and get your ear properly checked out. This sort of a diagnosis would also reveal the severity of your infection. You would also need to follow a proper routine of antibiotics to treat your infection if it is particularly severe or strong. Please do not try to administer your own medication or any kind of drops at home, this could be dangerous. If you are also faced with a bleeding ear, it is advisable for you to visit an emergency room at once. No conclusive diagnosis can be made without checking to see what is exactly wrong with your ear. It is best to have a doctor look at it and apply appropriate measures to control the situation. If you are bleeding after taking drops that have been recommended by a doctor, then you should revert to the same doctor and try to get an accurate diagnosis as to why you are bleeding. It is possible that you had developed the kind of infection that requires for something to be ruptured inside your ear before you would hope to get cured completely and properly. Sometimes, there are growths and swellings that would need to be burst open with the use of medication in order to cure your problem. Once again, it cannot be stressed enough that your doctor is the best person you should be consulting with in such as case.

For general ear infections which are small and not too serious, you can put a few drops of freshly pressed garlic juice in your ear. You must wait for at least a day after you put this juice in your ear before you repeat the procedure. This is important because garlic is not a remedy that would suit everyone. Sometimes, it could very well backfire on people. If your condition remains unchanged within 24 hours, or shows improvement, it is safe to use garlic again. Otherwise, you are better off steering clear of it. Instead, you can use diluted hydrogen peroxide to clean out your ear. This is harmless and will always have positive and good results.

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