Tips To Get Rid of Irregular Periods: I am getting periods by 3 to 4 months. Please give me a natural remedy.

For such terribly irregular periods, you best bet is to get yourself well and thoroughly examined by a gynecologist. This will reveal exactly what the problem is that is leading to such a long time in between your periods. It is possible that you are suffering from hormonal disorders, polycystic ovarian syndrome or some other more complicated ailment. But only a qualified gynecologist can actually make an accurate diagnosis. It is possible you may also have to run a battery of tests before some positive conclusion can be arrived at. On the other hand, it could also be possible that you really have no serious ailment at all and this is just the normal scheme of events for your kind of body. In any and all cases, a proper and accurate diagnosis and prognosis can only come from a qualified doctor. And it cannot be stressed enough that you need to get yourself examined as soon as possible. If you let things such as irregular menstrual cycles lie for a long time, they may cause more damage than you can imagine. Sometimes, this damage may also be irreversible. It is best to avoid all of these problems right at the outset rather than suffer through them endlessly and needlessly.

It is only possible to suggest a specific remedy if your problem is specified. However, at a very general level, if you follow proper and regular routines of diet and exercise, then you will notice a change in your body automatically. Generally, problems such as the type you are describing occur due to a highly sedentary life and irregular and unhealthy eating habits. Once these are taken care of, it is possible that your menstrual cycles may regularize themselves automatically. The best course of action for you to follow would be to get in about one hour of Yoga every day. Naturally, this kind of timing can only be reached gradually. Meanwhile, if you are also undergoing treatment for your problem, then you will find that Yoga will help you along in the process of regularizing your menstrual cycle as well. You should also try to stick to a regulated and well balanced diet that does not allow you to take in more than 1,500 calories a day. If you are consuming less, you can add to this figure. This will also help to regularize your weight. You need to be at the optimum weight and height for your body and age at all times.

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