I have problem on my chest. Skin Specialist says that this is Acne Vulgaris. With allopathic medicines, it was never cured completely. Homeopathic doctor says this is a form of Keloids. Please suggest some good home/natural remedies.

Acne Vulgaris is a problem that can be taken care of at home. There are however some stipulations to it. It is usually age-related or caused by dead skin cells that do not shed and thus clog pores, not allowing the skin to breathe. Depending on your age and hygiene levels, you can judge which category you fall under. The best solution for acne of any kind is exfoliation. Apply a pasty mix of sugar crystals and olive oil on your dampened body and scrub the affected area with gentle circular motions prior to having a bath. Scrubbing provides clean and fresh skin, and opens pores that help your body to pump out toxins more effectively. Improved blood circulation also helps to reduce the oiliness of skin.

If your problem is not acne vulgaris, and it is indeed kiloids, there is very little you can do by way of home remedies to get rid of it. Unfortunately, kiloids cannot be removed except by laser surgery. And even if you do laser them off, there is no guarantee that they will not resurface after a while. Your best bet would be to leave it alone and as much as possible, ignore it. If you fidget too much with kiloids, they can become painful and tiresome.

answered by M W

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