Could drinking cranberry juice cocktail cause skin breakdown on the diaper area of an incontinent person?

There can be various causes for diaper rash in incontinent adults. However, there is no solid scientific research that links the occurrence of diaper rash to drinking cranberry juice cocktail. As a matter of fact, the only plausible connection could be that cranberry juice cocktail has the obvious effect of making you urinate more frequently. If you urinate frequently, you would probably be staying in a wet diaper. This would be responsible for your case of diaper rash. Apart from this one, there seems to be no plausible connection between drinking or eating anything and the skin ailment you have described.

There are a few simple ways you can follow at home to take care of the situation however. The first one is to remain diaper free for at least about three to six hours in a day. While it may be difficult, this is an important way of ensuring that you are working towards preventing any rash. In order to do this, you may sometimes have to also do things like go without water for a few hours to prevent yourself from urinating frequently. This may cause some discomfort, but if done for a few days, it will help to clear up your skin rash as well.

To take care of the rash you have described, you can also apply a thick layer of simple Vaseline to the area. This will also help in taking care of the rash tremendously. The Vaseline will form a layer between your skin and the wetness and chafing of the diaper, thus taking care of the rash being aggravates with simple motions such as walking. You can also make it a point to apply powder with each change of diaper. This will help to absorb extra wetness as well. Keeping the area dry in extremely important. It will also help tremendously to prevent the occurrence of diaper rash in the future. Try to use a talc based powder as opposed to a corn starch based one. This is because the corn starch powders are somewhat grainy in texture and have a tendency to cause further rash when applied to an area like the joint. Constant rubbing and friction will only serve to aggravate your condition further. If your problem persists even after following these simple measures, you should consult a doctor. If you are past the age of 60, particularly, you should know that rashes that do not heal can be indicative of anything.

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