Which fruits & vegetables are good for piles?

Any food that is high in fiber is best for someone suffering from hemorrhoids or piles. All fruits and vegetables are high on fiber. Also, drink up to 10 glasses of water everyday.

The best fruits are dry figs and black berry. While the figs need to be soaked overnight in water and eaten the next morning, the black berry fruit should be ingested with salt. This home remedy is one of the best-known ways to ensure that you never get piles again. Carrot juice, apple and coconut water are all helpful too.

The papaya is a great breakfast for the piles patient. Follow this up with a raw vegetable salad and buttermilk to wash it down. Vegetables like radish are very effective in curing piles too. The onion is also found to be useful. Eating onion raw, with some sugar is recommended. Please remember that your condition might be stable now, but a hemorrhoid could get worse if not treated right. While a good diet is a must, there are certain creams and medicines that only your physician can recommend. So while you are eating that high-fibre, all vegetable-fruit diet and avoiding junk food and colas, please do make some time to visit a doctor too, just to be safe.

answered by G R

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