Are there any puking remedy that are useful?

Puking or emesis is most commonly known as vomiting and is the process of force expulsion of the foods or contents that are present in one's bowel, which generally comes out through the mouth and sometimes even the nose. The cause of vomiting are vast and varied and can range from reasons like, food poisoning, gastritis, brain tumors, and various other reasons. Generally the feeling that precedes the actual act of vomiting is known as nausea. Vomiting generally causes dehydration and if the contents of the bowel get stuck in the wind pipe a person can choke and die. Some other cause of puking are also over eating, motion sickness and a stomach virus that makes you feel like you want to throw up all the time.

Vomiting is actually the body's attempt to get rid of the toxins present so it is normally good if just puke it all out, as you are only increasing the discomfort of nausea by trying to avoid it. Bed rest is the best way to wait for the symptoms to pass. As puking causes dehydration make sure to consume as many liquids as possible and try and consume drinks that have sugar in them as they help absorb water. As far as possible try not to eat and when you do start eating do so at a slow pace and then eventually return to your regular diet. Drinking fresh lime juice will help cut down your symptoms to a certain extent. the vomiting as mentioned earlier is your body's attempt to get rid of toxins more often tan ,so let it take its course and getting adequate rest will do wonders, however if you r symptoms do not subside by the next day it advisable to seek medical help as the puking may be due to a bigger reason.

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