Please suggest some home remedies for Oily skin.

Oily skin can be extremely troublesome but following a regular skin care routine will ensure that your skin is clean and beautiful. Oily skin produces an ample amount of sebum which helps to keep skin firm yet soft. People with dry skin often have to work really hard to retain moisture so that their skin is supple, you can rejoice as you will never have this problem.

Oily skin is generally prone to dirt, clogged pores and acne and so you have to make sure that you cleanse your face regularly. You can wash your face with warm water every morning. Warm water helps to dissolve natural oils and will help to keep your pores clean and unclogged. Do not use a cosmetic facial scrub everyday as most scrubs are too abrasive to be used on a daily basis. If your face is extremely oily, I would suggest that you use a natural scrub made out of lemon juice, honey and sugar. Honey has antioxidants while lemon helps to dissolve facial oils without leaving your skin dry. Make sure that you wash off makeup as soon as you get back home. Use warm water when washing off your makeup as this will help to wash off every trace of it along with the dirt, pollution and grime of the day.

At least once a week use a face pack made out of Fullers earth, tomato juice and orange juice. Fuller's earth will help to draw out excess sebum from your pores. Acne is caused by blocked pores, therefore using Fuller's earth on a regular basis will help to reduce and eliminate acne. Tomato juice and orange juice are mildly acidic and they will therefore help to slough off the uppermost layer of dead facial skin. Since they are acidic, they will also help to dissolve facial oils.

answered by M W

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