Health advices for iga nephropathy disorder of kidney

IgA nephropathy is a disorder of the kidney that occurs when IgA, which is a protein that is needed to helps us fight infections deposits in the kidneys. After many years, these deposits may become the cause of a leakage of blood and sometimes even protein from the kidneys through the urine. Although this leakage is common to almost all individuals with Iga nephropathy it is not threatening and does not necessarily imply that there will be any long-term problems. There can however be swelling in the hands and feet if the person leaks too much protein into the urine.

The kidneys would generally show damage after the person has suffered from the condition for at least one or maybe two decades. Only twenty five percent of these individuals suffering the condition face total kidney failure.

Symptoms of kidney failure can include swelling of the hands and feet, fatigue, nausea, headaches, and sleep disorders. Unfortunately by the time of occurrence of these symptoms, total kidney failure is almost at hand. By total kidney failure we mean that the damage to the kidneys is permanent. Individuals would then require a dialysis or a kidney transplant.

Unfortunately there is no real or permanent cure for the condition as there have not been enough studies or research conducted on the effects and benefits of current medical practices in this area.
Kidney disease generally cannot be cured. When there is any kidney damage, they cannot be repaired. The focus of treatment is instead on slowing the progression of the disease and prevention of complications. Hypertension is a major complication and can cause significant damage which is why it is important that treatment keeps this problem in control. There are medications that lower the blood pressure, and also decrease the protein loss into the urine.

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