Remedy for muscle cramps near kidney area

It's always best to consult a physician to make certain there is no serious problem. If it is only a muscle cramp or spasm, a hot bath in epsom salts will give relief. Use two to three cups of epsom salts in a tub full of hot water, depending on the size of the tub.  be sure the water is hot enough but only to comfort level. Epsom salts are commonly found in all pharmacies and many supermarkets as well as health food stores.

Cramps are caused by a decrease in the body's potassium and magnesium levels. To insure that you get enough of these important minerals, eat plenty of leafy green vegetables such as kale, chard and beet greens. Also broccoli, avocado, apricots, cantaloupe and bananas contain high amounts of potassium and some magnesium. 


answered by Dr H K

Magnesium is a fantastic natural muscle relaxer and is safe in most instances. It will help with any type of cramping weather it's skeletal muscle, like in the back, or smooth muscle, as in menstrual cramps. It is dose dependant so the more you take, the greater the effect but it will cause loose stools if you take too much so adjust the dosage accordingly. Please check with her doctor to make sure there are no underlying health issues.

answered by A N

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