I am a Kidney transplanted patient. Can you please let me know how to reduce the increased Bilirubin level?

There are a few safe and non-medical remedies available to decrease your Bilirubin levels. However, you must follow them meticulously in order for positive results to show. The easiest way to do this is to increase your levels of fat burning. If you exercise every day for at least 30 minutes, your Bilirubin levels will decrease on their own. If you are unable to indulge in fat burning exercises, a 30 minute walk twice a day will work well for you. Since you may not be a in a position start walking that much all at once, start with 20 minutes or less twice a day and increase every day. Do remember that your levels may start decreasing only after a week or so of following this routine.

You can also make some simple changes in your daily diet. Include eating radish every day as part of the attempt to reduce Bilirubin levels. Tomatoes are also a good way of doing this. Dried fruits like almonds, walnuts and dates will also help in this particular case. You can also drink as much coconut water as you want, it will help tremendously. Star fruit, especially if consumed raw, is very useful in bringing your Bilirubin levels down. Cardamom is also one spice that will help you along. It is important to note that you should follow the methods mentioned here in tandem with each other. No single method will work effectively enough.

answered by M W

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