Home Remedies For Infection On Lips: Infection On Both Sides Of Lips. Kindly Suggest Some Remedies.

Infections of any kind are usually only killed using antibiotics. It is better to visit a doctor and get a prescription for antibiotics to take care of the infection you are describing, rather than trying to cure it at home. Since it is a matter of your face, you need to remember that a delicate area like the skin around the lips could also get scarred due to the infection you have. This would happen especially if you have cut or open skin. It is one thing to deal with an infection, and quite another thing to deal with leftover scars altogether. If, for some reason, you cannot go to a doctor and get antibiotics, you can try some home remedies. They will definitely work, but you must be prepared for it to take a long time. Typically, natural remedies take a while to work their magic. The one thing you can be assured about however, is that the cures are solid and pretty permanent.

If you have cut or open skin where you see the infection, you can start with applying a paste made of turmeric powder and clarified butter to the area. This will begin the healing process at once. Turmeric is anti septic and antibiotic in nature, and will reach out to the root of the infection to kill it altogether. You can also start drinking a glass of warm milk every night to which half a teaspoon of turmeric powder has been added. This will help to heal you from within. The other thing you can do after each bath is to make a solution of two drops of tea tree oil in a cup of water and apply this to the affected area. Tea tree oil is one of the best ways to kill any kind of fungal infection topically.

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