How to stop a nose bleed? Any remedy

A nose bleed, also known as epistaxis, is a haemorrhage that occurs in the nose. Blood usually starts draining from the nose but in severe cases, blood could also come out from the eye. It is also possible that blood, both fresh and clotted, could drain into the stomach and cause the patient nausea and vomiting symptoms. The most common causes of a nose bleed are picking your nose, nose injury, chemical inhalants, a dry climate, and trauma. Other less common causes include alcohol, allergies, hypertension, and the use of narcotics. It is important that you remember that a nose bleed can also often occur for no apparent reason.

A nose bleed will stop as soon as your blood begins to clot. Pinch the soft fleshy part of your nose to start the process of clotting. The pressure that you apply should be firm and constant and applied for at least ten minutes. Blow your nose hard as if you have a stuffy nose because this will also help stop the bleeding promptly. Wet some cotton with white vinegar and apply this to the affected area. The vinegar will cauterize the wound and stop the bleeding. Ensure that you are never lying down when you have a nose bleed – you should always sit up straight because this will prevent the intake of any blood. You can also try an ice pack because the cold helps the blood vessels to constrict and cuts down the bleeding.

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