Please name the remedies for raised red bumps under skin.

The use of a hair remover may have resulted in you getting something known as simple folliculitis. This basically leads to the formation of bumps on the skin. It happens because when the hair is removed it starts to re grow, this newly formed hair is rigid and tends to curl backwards in the skin, causing damage to the hair follicles and hence the inflammation or bumps.

The treatment for this is very simple and involves the use of topical antibiotics and a slight warm salt water compress. The compress basically serves to moisturize the skin and soften the hair thus reducing the chances of it growing back into the skin. The topical antibiotic cream will help keep the affected area free of any further infections. The bumps usually last for a while, but once they go they leave any scars and the skin returns back to normal. You must be careful to avoid further infection as if it recurs it can move deeper into the skin and cause the formation of a furnicle and can also lead to further more dangerous complications such as the disease 'Staph' entering the blood stream. Make sure to the next time you use a hair to take care afterwards and moisturize the skin in the beginning itself to prevent any hair from becoming inner grown.

answered by G M

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