How to relieve pressure and discomfort due to prolapsed uterus

A prolapsed uterus is repaired using surgery to reconstruct the vaginal support and the nearby organs. The function of this surgery is to bring back normal function to their physiological processes. A uterus prolapse is not dangerous and the need for surgery arises only when there is a severe need to address ones symptoms because the pain becomes unbearable.

Until then there are two ways in which you can relive the symptoms of a prolapsed uterus. The first method is the use of a device known as a pessary. The device is made of rubber or latex and is inserted into the vagina to in order to raise the uterus. They generally look like a contraceptive diaphragm and can be removed, cleaned and inserted by the user without any hassles. There are other types of pessary devices that resemble mushrooms or cubes. These need to be removed and cleaned with the help of a doctor; they also pose a problem for ones ability for frequent sexual activity. The second method is the use of pelvic muscle exercises that are known a Kegel exercises. These exercises are effective in reducing the vaginal pressure, urinary stress incontinence and the discomfort felt in the pelvic area. You can try either one of these remedies or both of them either way; each is effective and will help cope with your symptoms.


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