Endometrial Cancer

by Rachel Bhan

Endometritis is the inflammation of inner lining of the uterus, this can be acute or chronic. Endometrial cancer is a common form of uterine cancer, endometrial adenocarcinoma is the cancer known to happen to the uterus where the cancer grows on the glands of the uterus lining. The cancer in it beginning stages is classified into benign and pre malignant.

This cancer turns malignant after the formation of carcinoma, not earlier, this cancer can also appear in women, who already have carcinoma. There are also cases where the lesions on the lining of uterus have disappeared after certain period of time. Average age for this disease is known to be 52 years. Women already with a cancerous growth are at a higher risk of getting the uterus cancer than the women without any such growth. Endometrial cancer is known to affect women pot menopausal age, in a decade after they have attained menopause.

This cancer is also known as uterus cancer, however, uterus cancers can be caused because of several other parts in the uterus and not just the uterus lining alone. There are several endometrial cancer symptoms, vaginal bleeding or spotting in post menopausal women, abnormal uterine bleeding or abnormal menstrual periods, pain in the lower abdomen, anemia, thin white vaginal discharge in post menopausal women are all symptoms of this cancer.

One of the more common curative measures for this type of cancer is uterus removal, this way doctors can avoid complete body from becoming affected with this cancer. Chemotherapy might follow the uterus removal since the doctors might require making sure that the cancer has been completely removed from the body.

Progesterone therapy is the latest way of treating the endometrial cancer, the hormone progesterone is known as hormone of pregnancy, it is therefore, being used to protect the uterus from being under constant attack from cancers and also repairing the tissues inside the uterus progesterone therapy is especially in use for treating endometrial stromal sarcomas. However, in this cancer removal of uterus is not the only answers extensive check up requires to be done to find out whether the cancer has spread to any other part of the body. This includes tests of several tissues as well as biopsy of suspicious lymph nodes as well as removal of both ovaries, sometimes.

Endometrial cancer requires to be studies deeply to find out whether the infection or growth tumor has metastasized to any other part of the body

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