How can we prevent ourselves from anxiety?

Anxiety and tensions are all usually related to work. People worry about their jobs and their performance at work and as a result they suffer from a variety of various medical conditions. Anxiety leads to loss of appetite and insomnia. Some people also find that anxiety affects their stomach and leads to stomach disorders. Shortness of breath, palpitations and nausea are other possible effects of anxiety.

You should try to identify the reasons for your anxiety. If it is related to work, then you should actively find out the reasons for this. The only way to prevent anxiety attacks is by actively practicing some relaxation techniques. You can either learn some breathing exercises or else you can practice some yoga. You should also take up some hobby that interests you. This will help you relax and take your mind off your anxieties. Taking a relaxing hot bath will help you relax.

A few changes in your diet will also help you prevent anxiety. Avoid eating oily, fried and spicy food. Ensure that fruits and vegetables form a large part of each meal. Drink fruit juices, yogurt and buttermilk regularly. Avoid drinking too much tea or coffee since these will only excite you. Alcoholic beverages should be drunk in moderation. Warm milk is a soothing drink that can help you relax. You should ensure that you get sufficient sleep. Regular physical exercise is also essential.

answered by G R

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