Stomach gasses problems and cure for stomach gas

What could it be when you notice some movement in your belly?

I am afraid your question does not give enough details to give an accurate answer. You have mentioned that you have noticed some movement in your belly. However, you have not mentioned how often you have noticed this. Also, you have neglected to mention your age and give other relevant details about yourself. For instance, most women experience some movement in their bellies when they are pregnant. Are you pregnant? If you think this is a likelihood you should consult your doctor about the symptoms you have noticed.

If these conditions don't apply to you, then there could be other reasons to explain the movement in your belly. You could be suffering from gases in your stomach and that is why you noticed some movement. You can use a hot water bottle to help ease the feeling. Lying down on your stomach is also an effective remedy for this. You can also try sipping some hot water. You can try altering your diet to see if this makes a difference. Give yourself at least an hour to digest your food after dinner. You can also avoid eating potatoes, radish, products made of white flour. Oily, rich food should also be avoided.

answered by G R

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