I am a 13 year old girl and I am 163cms tall and I weigh 67kgs. I want to lose at least 10kgs within a month time. How can I do it?

Losing Weight Dietary Tips

The need to lose weight comes with responsibilities to your body as well, because when you lose weight you tend to burn lean tissue(nonfat tissue) as well as body fat. Therefore try and maintain burning about 75% fat and about 25% lean tissue when trying a diet. This is possible by incorporating a slow gradual loss of weight and following a proper eating plan. Ideally you should be losing about one kg in a week, therefore your goal of losing 10 kgs in one months time is unrealistic and can be very dangerous to your over all health. If you start to follow a sudden crash diet then you will end up burning more of the lean tissues, as opposed to the fat in you're body and this will cause you to putting on more weight than you plan to lose.

Here are a few pointers top keep in mind when eating- eat only when you feel hungry an d do not eat late in the evening (if you must eat a fruit or low fat milk). Eat a greater amount of rice, pasta or bread and use a very small amount of oil in your food. Eat regularly and exercise well this will not starve your body and you can lose weight in a natural manner. Finally make sure that you consult your parents or a doctor about your need to lose weight as there is a lot that can go wrong if you do not go about it the correct way.

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