I am only 16 years old and I weigh 120 kgs. Can you plaese help me on what to do and what diet to take?

The best way to lose weight is to follow a healthy and balanced diet, in addition to engaging in regular exercise. Crash diets or diets that restrict eating habits completely are unhealthy and will put the body at risk for developing illnesses and infections due to decreased immunity. The body requires nutrients in order to function properly. A diet that is balanced and nutritious will help to achieve your ideal body weight in addition to keeping the body nourished. Healthy diets must consist of all the food groups as intake of food from just one or two food groups will not provide adequate nutrition. A balanced diet will consist of fruits, vegetables, pulses and cereals, dairy and fish, meat and poultry products. This will give you the right amount of dietary fiber, essential minerals and vitamins that are required for proper metabolism. The size of the servings will depend on your age, body size, gender and level of activity.

Foods such as vegetables, whole grains, beans and Fruits must be eaten in plenty. Avoid olives and avocados as they tend to be fatty. You can also take low fat dairy products or grilled chicken. Avoid all saturated fats, red meat, oily salad dressings, alcohol, sugary foods and fried fast foods. Eat nuts in moderation as eaten in plenty they can add to body weight. Whole grain foods such as oatmeal, muesli and whole grain pastas are very good for weight loss. Brown rice, fresh non-fatty fish and baked potato may also be included in the diet. Avoid processed foods, and get as much of natural foods as possible. A good amount of fiber is also essential in the diet as this aids digestion. Avoid sugary carbonated drinks, and opt for unsweetened fruit juices or protein shakes. Also consume plenty of water daily so that toxins are easily eliminated from the body.

Physical activity is very important when trying to lose weight as you need to burn off the calories that you consume. You do not have to engage in very strenuous exercise. Short exercise sessions at regular intervals during the day are more beneficial in weight loss. You must also start reading the labels on foods so that you know how many calories you are consuming. You also need to set realistic weight loss goals, as weight loss requires time and patience. It is better to lose a moderate amount of weight every week and then maintain that in the long-term.

answered by G M

You have not mentioned your height, and since this is also a consideration in determining what your ideal weight should be, it is not possible to tell exactly how overweight you are. However, no matter what your height is, a weight of 120 kgs at the age of only 16 years certainly means that you are overweight. You have not mentioned if this weight gain has been relatively recent or if you have always tended to be overweight. If you have been overweight for years, then you will most probably be able to solve the problem with a few dietary changes and a lot of determination and patience. However, if you have gained a lot of weight in a short period of time, then there may be some medical reason for this weight gain, unless there has been some drastic dietary change that has obviously caused you to put on weight so rapidly. In this case, you will need to get medical treatment for your condition, and once the condition has been successfully treated, your weight will most probably return to normal on its own.

If you can rule out the possibility of any medical cause of your weight gain, then you need to start working on two things - your diet and an exercise schedule. As far as your diet goes, you should first of all not take any drastic measures. Starving or depriving yourself will not work in the long run, and possibly not even in the short term. Such measures are not healthy, will make you crave the foods you are avoiding, and will eventually make you feel hopeless when you succumb to temptation or find that your weight is not decreasing. You should instead simply cut down on unhealthy foods, and whenever possible substitute unhealthy foods that you enjoy with healthy food that you enjoy.

Cutting down your intake of fats, and to some extent carbohydrates, is very important for weight loss. Go for low fat versions of foods such as milk, cheese, and so one whenever they are available. Eat white meat and fish instead of red meat, and when you eat red meat, ensure that it is lean. Increase your intake of fruits and vegetables, and when you want a snack, choose a fruit instead of junk food. Never eat till you are stuffed - eat a light meal, just enough to satisfy your hunger. Later, if you feel hungry, you can eat a fruit.

Finally, start exercising regularly - if you enjoy a sport, start playing at least three times a week, else you can begin with just a brisk daily walk for half an hour and then work your way up to an hour of more strenuous exercise.

answered by G R

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