I have a bun level of 23; how I can decrease this to normal level? Also, have high cholesterol.

A Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN) test is conducted to check whether your kidneys are functioning the way they should be. Usually, a normal BUN level will read anything between 7 to 20. Anything higher than 20 indicates that the kidneys aren't able to filter urea from the blood. Lemon juice is known to help improve the functioning of the kidney. Also, one must also drink adequate amounts of water so that toxins are flushed out of the body. A high BUN level might also indicate that your diet provides you with a lot of proteins or that you are dehydrated. In addition, it might also indicate that you might have had a heart failure or that your urinary tract might be blocked. Hence, it's best that you consult your family physician to interpret the results of the BUN test.  

High cholesterol you can combat by cutting down on fatty food. Throw your liking for fast food out into the bin and get your menu to include a number of leafy green vegetables. Also, include fruits as well. Pork fat is a strict no no. Oily food such as fried chips, etc, also must not be seen anywhere on your plate. Also, make it a point to drink water frequently. Eight to ten glasses is what the doctor usually recommends.

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