I am suffering from early ejaculation, during fore play only. Any remedy for it.

Premature Ejaculation Technique and Natural Cures
Men dread premature ejaculation. It's the worst that can happen to them. Even bankruptcy will not put them in a state of panic and desperation that this does. Usually premature ejaculation occurs in men roaring onto their 30s. But that doesn't mean men nearing their 30s are never touched by this. They are, and at times, it – quite stupidly - leads to breakups, the man insisting the woman could not sustain him. However, all such men have to do is a little reprogramming when it comes to jumping into bed. They need to restrain the orgasm and make a pointed effort to delay it. Usually, the more unusual the partner is, the more is the urgency to go wham bam and complete the act. And that causes the brain to trigger off a full-speed climax.

So, know and understand that the brain here is the organ you need to keep in control. It's the organ that helps for better sex. Go slow, talk to your partner about your insecurities, get comfortable with her, and you'll notice the nervousness ease out. You then will be able to relate to her and match her moves and thus delay climaxing rather than moving into high gear and finishing off before she even knows how you move! Another method that you may try is the start-stop technique. This technique requires you to stop the moment you think you are to ejaculate. A healthy diet also is the key to better sex. Asparagus, garlic, drumsticks are excellent food to help deal with sexual inadequacies. Also, you can let fresh fruits take over your meals together with fresh fruit juices.

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