I have serious pain on my right hip joining my right leg. Any remedies?

Advice on Hip Joint Pain Cure

The pain that you describe on your right hip can be tricky to pinpoint exactly. It could be caused due to one of a many number of reasons. The sensation could be in the joint itself or it could exist in the tissues around the joint; that  in the bursa (they are sacs filled with fluid that help cushion the part of the hip that is close to the surface of the skin). Therefore if these bursas are inflamed then you may have bursitis. There are also tendons that around the hip as well that tie it too the legs and the lower back. If these are damaged and are causing pain then it could be a case of tendonitis. The reason your hip is hurting could also be caused by a mattress that is too soft or shoes that do not fit you properly.

Another common reason for hip pain is the presence of arthritis (usually osteoarthritis) and generally occurs due the damage done by wear and tear of the body as we grow older. Hip pain is often also caused by structural defects of the body such as the; spine being curved and if one leg is shorter than the other. Also if you are lifting excessive weights it might cause your hip to hurt. The exact cause of your hip pain can only be found out if  you show it to a doctor who will be able to physically examine it and recommend proper treatment.

answered by G M

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