What remedy would you consider if you have a sore throat and a croupy cough with slight congestion?

Since you have had this problem for just a few days, I would say that you just have a slight throat infection. Often sore throats are worst in the morning and clear up in a couple of hours, so that you are completely fine by the evening. Make sure that you stay indoors as much as possible during the evening as the cold air will only worsen your condition. Try to have a little chicken soup as this is both soothing as well as healing. Mix a little bit of rock salt in a glass of water and have a salt water gargle with it in the night just before you go to sleep. You can repeat this in the morning when you wake up to clear out your throat.

Salt is a mild antiseptic and it will help not only to get rid of virus laden phlegm but also to soothe and cure your throat. If your sore throat does not clear up in a week or if you start to get a fever, visit your doctor.

If you smoke, then I suggest that you take this sore throat a little more seriously. It might seem a little overcautious, but I would recommend that you visit a doctor immediately.

answered by G M

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