I am an orater due to excess oration my speech has shattered and I have developed dry cough i want immediate treatment. With immediate recovery

Coughs and sore throats are exceedingly common and for some of us they may afflict us even more often than the once a year. While a sore throat may be extremely annoying it is not a debilitating or life threatening condition. A sore throat is more of an irritation for most of us, but I can be a big problem for those who are engaged in professions that demand the use of vocal abilities. As you clearly mention that your voice has suffered on account of work pressure as an orator it would be advisable to step back and take a break. Although a dry cough and sore throat may not be life threatening if neglected and resultant from stress and abuse, sustained pressure can result in permanent or more lasting damage.

A sore throat or cough that is the result of strained vocal cords occurs due to extreme fatigue or damage to the muscles of the larynx that are responsible for the generation of sound. Hoarseness of the throat, a loss of vocal abilities (temporary), difficulty swallowing, and possible soreness or discomfort in the throat and ears are common symptoms, and if these warnings are not heeded the impairment to vocal abilities could become permanent. To undo the damage from abuse and to restore your vocal abilities you simply need to follow some simple tips with no need for medical attention.

The best way to begin treating the condition at home would be by drinking warm water throughout the day, as this can help reduce muscular tension in the larynx and also reduce irritation. Your career is no doubt important, but neglecting to give your throat much needed rest would simply prolong the condition only further jeopardizing your abilities to work. Rest for the vocal cords is absolutely essential, so try to avoid putting them through any unnecessary pressure by avoiding talking, singing, or screaming. Please bear in mind that whispering is not an option as this is in fact even more damaging than speaking normally.

Hydration therapy has been found to be useful as it prevents a drying out of the throat, while at the same time helping get rid of any accumulated mucus. Another useful measure would be to practice breathing exercises as some of them are effective in controlling the diaphragm, and they also give muscle bands some necessary but stress free exercise. Make sure that you also avoid consuming any alcoholic, caffeinated or carbonated drinks for the entire duration. It would also help to sip on hot herbal teas like echinacea, ginger, and chamomile through the day. Avoid smoking completely as well as the consumption of any spicy or oily foods.

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