What can I do for erosive esophagitis so far no prescription is helping? I am only 28 years old!

Erosive esophagitis, also commonly known as acid reflux, can be eliminated only if you eliminate the root of the problem and that is severe acidity. In order to do this, you would have to follow a variety of simple rules in your day to day living. This would indicate a change in your lifestyle to some extent. The primary changes you would have to make would be in your eating habits. The first thing to ensure is that you should not eat anything after 8 pm. This will control your acidity and you will see the difference in about a week. The next thing to do in check your diet for substances that would add to your acidity and eliminate them completely, at least until you have the problem under control momentarily.

You would have to stop eating meat, fried and spicy food that is high in salt, caffeine and all related products. In your condition, fresh vegetables and yogurts are the best thing to eat. Apples and figs are particularly good for fighting acidity. Chilled milk and milk products will help in reducing acid production in the body. Ginger candy or dried ginger is very useful in fighting acidity. Avoid all citrus fruits for the time being, since they all are high in acidic content. Increasing your water intake will also help tremendously.

answered by M W

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