I am a mother of a premature four weeks old baby and my milk is not enough, what remedies should I use to increase my lactation?

You can adopt a number of simple home remedies to increase lactation if you are not lactating enough. The first thing you need to determine is that the milk is not enough. If your baby is constantly cranky, then this is a sign that you are producing less milk. If the baby seems comfortable and is fine with the amount of milk it has, then you need not worry. The first thing to remember is that suckling is the first reflexive action that infants can actually perform. Allow your baby to suckle for long periods of time at your breast. The human mammary glands work in such a way that the more the baby suckles, the more milk will be generated.

You can add some simple things to your diet in order to produce more milk. The first thing to do in increase your intake of all fluids. Drink more water, juice and milk, staying away from sour and citrus foods, as these will have a tendency to curdle your milk. The other thing to increase intake of is green leafy vegetables. Take a cue from cows, which eat nothing but grass and still produce so much milk. Poppy seeds in particular are well and widely known for their property to generate more milk in mammals. You can add them to enhance the flavor of any dish. You can also make a rich porridge from them.

answered by M W

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