Tips to boost lactation

You can employ several simple diet additions in order to boost lactation. But the most important thing for you to remember is that no matter what, you must keep breast feeding the baby every other hour. While you may feel in the first two or three days that nothing is really coming out of your breasts, this is not true. Transparent liquid called colostrum is being emitted and it is more than enough to feed your baby in the first 48 hours of its life, before you start lactating with milk. Many first timers are quite unaware of this and this is the reason why they panic and switch to milk or formula at once. Don't worry too much. Breast feed the baby every other hour and see. If the baby is not crying excessively or in too much discomfort, you can rest easy too. You can also start eating some foods that produce richer quantities of milk.

The first thing you need to do is increase your fluid intake. You must have plenty of water, juice and milk, as all of them will add to increased quantities of milk. Poppy seeds are known for their property to add to producing greater quantities of milk. You can add them for a savory taste to anything you eat of drink. But the thing that will help most is for you to frequently feed the baby - this will produce the most milk.

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There are various simple and uncomplicated ways to boost lactation, especially within the first week of childbirth. If the baby is not latching on, then you must not panic and switch to milk or formula at once. Keep trying to make the baby latch on. Remember that suckling is the first reflexive action that infants can manifest. Also, the more the baby suckles, the more milk will be generated from your mammary glands. There are also some foods that are known to produce more milk in an already lactating woman.

Khus-khus seeds in particular are known for their property to generate more milk. These are easily available in any Indian grocery store. They can be added to any dish and they will enhance the taste as well as produce more milk. It is a myth that if you drink more water your milk for the baby will be watery. In fact, the more your fluid intake, the more milk you will be able to produce. You must keep up the fluid intake to boost lactation. You must also increase your intake of green, leafy vegetables, as these are considered to be the best source of producing milk in the mammalian body. Fenugreek leaves and seeds, in particular are considered very useful in boosting lactation.

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