What can I do to stop my ears from ringing I need a home remedy?

Alternative cures for tinnitus

Contrary to popular belief, ringing in the ears is not a figment of imagination, but a very real disease. It is medically known as tinnitus and is known to affect quite a few individuals. Tinnitus is caused due to damage in the inner ear. This is the part of the ear that translates sounds into language and legible human understanding. The damage can be of many kids and be caused due to many reasons as well. The commonest and strongest reason for inner ear damage is consistent exposure to some background sounds, which a person can become unaware about after a while. For instance, if you live near a railroad track, the constant sound of the train will be so much a part of your daily existence that after a point, it will no longer register consciously. But this sound, if it is loud enough, can actually cause tinnitus.

In order to take care of this problem, it is necessary that you try to block out this sound. Sometimes, the solution is as simple as stuffing cotton balls in your ears. It would also work to your advantage to get as far away as possible from these sounds. However, it is always advisable to get a medical opinion on this condition, since it could also be some sort of an infection that has caused inner ear damage. In this case, you would need to follow a proper course of treatment to take care of the problem.

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Tinnitus home remedies 

What you are experiencing is tinnitus, which is not a disease, but a symptom of some underlying medical problem. Sufferers can hear all kinds of sounds inside their ears or head, including buzzing, whistling, and roaring, but the most common complaint is of a ringing sound. The causes of tinnitus are many, and any treatment needs to address the cause to be successful. There is therefore no simple home remedy unless you know what is causing the ringing in your ears. Among the common causes of tinnitus are ear infections, ear injuries, certain medications, and hearing loss due to prolonged exposure to high levels of noise.

If the cause is a ear infection, then of course the infection needs to be treated first. This is best left to a doctor, particularly since it is severe enough for tinnitus to have developed. Other treatment options include various types of surgical procedures, certain medications or vitamin supplements, using a hearing aid, and using specially generated external sounds. As mentioned before, the treatment will depend on what the exact cause of the problem is. This is only possible with investigation by a doctor, so you should schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

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