Why do my ears click? when I swallow

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I am afraid you have not provided enough symptoms for me to suggest any remedies for your problems. Sometimes people do hear sounds in their ears. These are usually ringing or buzzing sounds. This is identified as a problem called Tinnitus. This could also result in a partial loss of hearing. I would recommend that you see your doctor at the earliest in order to seek a proper diagnosis of your condition.

If you have been swimming you may have got some water trapped in your ear. In some cases even a shower can cause the water to forcefully strike your ear and enter the ear canal. This could be a reason to explain the sounds you hear. If you notice any discharge from your ears or if you have any pain, then a visit to the doctor is absolutely essential.

In some cases swallowing hard can help you. You can also try holding your right nostril shut with one finger. Now breathe in though your left nostril. Shut the nostril and expel the breath out of your right nostril. Breathe in through the right nostril, hold and expel through left nostril. Do this several times. Ensure that you breathe out forcefully. Eat fresh pineapple and ensure that your diet includes raw garlic.

answered by G M

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