What Can I Do To Get Rid Of A Sinus Headache?

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The sinus passage is lined with membranes that secrete mucus. Generally the nasal passage allows for the drainage of mucus. If the mucus does not drain from the sinus passage, it gets congested and leads to a swelling of the cavity. This swelling occurs in areas located around the nose. Since this area is extremely sensitive, sinus congestion often results in a sinus headache with the forehead as the axis.

In rarer cases, a sinus headache can be caused by an extreme allergy or an infection. These headaches are invariable accompanied by a fever and a runny nose. The best method to treat these headaches is to treat the underlying infection or allergy along with the headache itself.

Sinus headaches can be extremely debilitating and there are various vasoconstrictors that provide almost instantaneous relief. Most of these medications require a prescription and so you will need to visit your local doctor. You can also try a steam inhalation to which a couple of drops of peppermint oil has been added. Peppermint is a decongestant and along with the steam it helps to drain the nasal passage and open up the sinuses. Eating a raw jalapeno can provide instant relief as it causes the sinuses to drain immediately.

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A sinus headache is caused due to an overabundance of mucus that has collected in your sinus points. This usually happens when your cold is extremely severe and the blockage is also restricting the blood flow to your head. In order to get relief from this condition, you can steam your face and head, which will provide tremendous relief. You can throw a bit of eucalyptus oil or Vicks Vaporub into the water as well. This will open up your sinuses and resume some semblance of normal blood flow to your head.

You can also have a glass of milk with a pinch of dried ginger powder and turmeric powder added to it. This will also relieve your headache tremendously, and it will also help to clear up and heal your cold. Have this just before bedtime so it will work all night on your system. Ripe grape juice had at room temperature is also a very good remedy to clear out the sinuses. This is an excellent expectorant and will help to move the mucus along. Make it a point to drink lots of water as well. Do remember that once you start following these remedies, your sinuses will start to flow and your nose will run. Clear out your nose every time and spit any mucus that rises up in your throat, rather than sniffing it back or swallowing it.

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