Suggest some remedies for sinus, headache and mucus.

Suffering from a sinus problem is one of the most common conditions in the world and a medical ailment that can cause a significant amount of stress on the way you lead your life. Studies have shown that almost 2 in every 20 people suffer from one form of the condition or another. A rough estimate states that there are as many as about 24 million cases of the condition within the United States of America itself. Sinusitis could be classified into different types depending largely on the duration that it affects the patient for. The three types of sinusitis are: acute sinusitis – This is the type that would affect the person for around four weeks or less, sub acute sinusitis – that lasts for between 4 to 8 weeks and chronic sinusitis – which lasts for a relatively long period of time. The condition is widely known for the substantial headache that is caused. Sinus headache migraines are known to range from mild to very painful – with the more serious versions of the headache having a debilitating effect on the individual. However one would wonder as to what causes sinus headaches?

A sinus infection headache will usually start out with the build up of a dull, constant aching that generally starts in one area of the head and then progresses over the rest of the face. In the more severe cases, the headache is accompanied by a rather thick nasal discharge that may or may not contain pus. There are a number of complications that could possibly develop as a result of the condition – such as with the case of an eye infection or infection of the eye socket.

The initial diagnosis of the condition should be performed by a trained medical professional. A doctor would then check the throat and mouth as well as examine the nasal passage to see if any of the outlets of the sinus are blocked. A CAT scan is also usually required for the doctor to be absolutely sure about the diagnosis. It is always important to check through a series of medical tests during the diagnosis procedure because of the fact that the symptoms offered by the condition are very commonly found in a number of other medical ailments, including the common cold.

Because of the fact that the condition is rather common, there are a number of different sinus headache remedies during pregnancy and other instances. Since the condition is more often than not, treated with the help of chemical based drugs, it is important to inform the presiding doctor in the event that the patient is suffering from any other medical ailment. There are a number of sinus natural home remedies to help deal with the dizziness, nausea and general discomfort that is the result of a sinus attack that can be found on various sources such as the internet or even the health section at your local bookstore.

One of the more effective and widely used natural home remedies for sinus headaches and sinusitis is to simply make a nasal flush by mixing about ¼ teaspoon of salt, ¼ teaspoon of baking soda in a cup of warm water and flush your nose with this mixture using a dripper. For almost instant sinus infection relief, you could also try pressing your thumbs against either side of your nostrils in order to bring fresh blood supply to the area. Steeping fresh basil in a cup of water will and consume it to alleviate any of the stiffness that may be present at the time. This too will help in the treatment for sinus headache. It is also important to get your tests done if these headaches keep recurring very often since they could also be indicative of other major issues.

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I drink apple cider vinegar 4 times aday by its self,I just drink right out of the bottle because I like appple cider vinegar. Or you can mix it with water, and about a Table spoon of vinegar. They say that organic vinegar is the best. I also irragate with saline nasal sprays, to wash out the mucus.and keep sinuses clear and moisterized. Apple cider vinegar is an old time remedy for helping you not get sinus infections. I looked it up on the internet. It has helped me because I used to have sinus infections all the time.

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