My husband at times when his blood sugar level drops, his vision gets blurred and after it goes away he gets a massive headache. He is not over weight and does not take any medications (vitamins only). What causes this and what can we do to prevent it?

There could be various reasons to explain these symptoms which your husband is suffering from. It could simply be that he is under a lot of stress and that is why he gets the massive headaches. You should get your husband to take a complete medical examination since this will help reveal any problems that your husband is suffering from.

You should observe your husband's diet and try to seek when he usually suffers these symptoms. It has been noticed that very often people notice low blood sugars soon after they have had a meal which has consisted of refined carbohydrates and food items containing a high level of sugar. When people consume food items with lots of refined carbohydrates and a large amount of sugar, their pancreas and liver are unable to handle the sugar.

If this is the case with your husband you can try to treat this by giving him various Vitamins since these do help in treating problems of low blood sugar. You can give your husband food items that contain a high amount of various Vitamins like Vitamin B, C and E. You should also encourage your husband to eat apples since these help in this condition. He should consume two small sized apples every day after his food. He should eat the apples with the peel since this is far more effective than peeling the apples. Your husband should also stop eating three large meals during the day and instead eat five to six smaller meals since this will help him. If he feels hungry between meals, you should encourage him to eat healthy snacks. He can eat pumpkin seeds or else drink a large glass of buttermilk with some salt added to it.

The meals he eats should contain vegetables and fruits, milk and milk products and grains and nuts. While the seeds and nuts can be consumed in their raw form, the grains can be eaten in the form of cooked dishes. The vegetables can be eaten cooked lightly or else in the form of a salad, with very little oil or dressing over them. Hot beverages like coffee and tea should be avoided. So should alcohol and soft drinks. Food times that contain sugar and white flour should be completely removed from the diet. Your husband should learn to relax. He should ensure that his mind is peaceful since this is absolutely essential to remaining healthy.

answered by G R

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