I get hives when I eat some type of foods. For example green leaves, yogurt, boiled green gram. I checked my IgE level which is 500. What is wrong with me?

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A food allergy is the body's immune system reacting to certain food proteins (allergens).The immune system then produces elevated amounts of immunoglobulin E antibody (IGE). When the allergens and the antibodies combine, they produce chemicals that can affect various parts of the body. The skin, the lungs and the digestive tract are generally the first to be targeted.

As you have a rather high level of IgE antibodies, it would be advisable that you visit an allergist-immunologist who will perform a series of further tests to determine the exact cause of your allergy. You will also have to undergo separate tests to ensure that you are not allergic to other related foods. Skin testing is a safe and relatively painless method in which the skin is lightly punctured and a drop of the diluted food extract to be tested is applied. You will then have to wait a couple of minutes for the results. If there is a swelling, you are obviously allergic to this type of food and will have to steer clear of it. I would recommend that you go in for this test as soon as possible as it will save you the discomfort and pain of actually having to eat a particular food to find out if you are allergic to it.

answered by G R

Hives advice and remedies

Your IgE levels are excessively high and need to be checked out by a doctor. Although high levels of IgE are not uncommon in people who have varied allergies to a variety of substances, 500 is a very high number. Only a doctor and further tests of many kinds will tell you exactly what your problem is. It cannot be stressed enough here that you should do this as soon as possible, as the consequences of neglecting this may well be dire. The occurrence of your hives is an indicator that you are allergic to certain substances. Since you have already isolated what substances you are allergic to, it is not difficult to detect this, in your case.

The commonest remedies for hives are cool compresses. If you can handle it, have a cold soak in a tub. This will relieve the itching tremendously. Another old remedy is to make a concoction of a cup of tamarind and two cups of water and leave it overnight. In the morning, slush the tamarind with your fingers and then apply this solution on the affected area. This should take care of the problem after only about two applications. Calamine lotion will provide cool relief.

answered by G M

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