I was on antibiotic for 6 days on the 5th I broke-out with hives, it is now 5 days later and I still am getting them. How long does the drug stay in my system?

Unfortunately, there is no way to tell how long the hives will remain, as there is not enough information about your condition. Even with all the possible information, determining how long an outbreak of hives will last is almost impossible. It is not really a question of the drug staying in your system. Different drugs are processed at a different rate, and some remain in the body in some form or the other for a longer period than other drugs. While this has some impact on the duration of the allergic reaction, it is only one factor. Apart from this, the allergic reaction could last for a few hours, or it could last for a few days, or it could even last for a couple of weeks. In severe cases, hives is known to last for years – this is known as chronic urticaria, as opposed to acute urticaria. Fortunately, acute urticaria – a single, short-lived episode of hives, is a lot more common than chronic urticaria. Also, although it is possible for hives to last for several weeks, in most cases it clears up within two weeks. Therefore, as yet there is no reason for you to worry. Five days is rather normal for hives, and it should clear up within the next five to seven days.

In the meanwhile, you can use some simple home remedies to reduce the swelling and itching. The best home remedy for an outbreak of hives is a cold compress. Simply take a soft, clean hand towel, dip it in some cold water, squeeze out the excess water from the towel, and then place it on the affected area of skin. You can do this several times a day, and it will bring you great relief. Aloe vera gel is also very soothing for the skin, and the best way to use it will be fresh off an aloe plant. However, packaged, commercially available aloe gel can also be used. Another remedy for hives is an oatmeal and milk pack. For this, you need to soak some oatmeal in cold milk, then take out the oatmeal from the milk and apply it on your skin, leaving it there for at least fifteen minutes. The simple cold compress using water is however the best, as other remedies run the risk of causing a second allergic reaction. It may also help if you got yourself tested for allergies, so that you know exactly which substances you are allergic to.

answered by G M

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