How to Get Rid of Black Ring Around Neck

The dark ring around your neck could be caused by over exposure to the sun. On the other, it could be a sign that you have too much sugar in your body. You will need to get this checked out. You should consult a doctor at the earliest. If you are over weight and come from a family that has a diabetes problem then this is more than likely. You can help yourself by losing weight. Take up some form of physical exercise on a regular basis. Ensure that you get your full night's sleep. You should also watch what you eat. Cut down on eating junk food and switch over to the healthier option. Eat more vegetables and fruits and cut down on your consumption of meat. Sugary drinks, products with white flour and dairy products should be avoided. You can switch to healthier options.

If you would like to get rid of the dark circle using home remedies, you can try that too. However you should ensure that you get a test done in addition to trying out the various remedies. You can use plain lemon juice on the darker area around your neck. An application of Vitamin E oil is generally effective in fading marks. You can also try dabbing on cucumber juice on the ring of dark skin. A tablespoon of Chickpea flour, mixed with a few drops of milk and a pinch of turmeric can be applied on the dark area, left to dry and then washed off.

answered by M W

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