I have dark hair that grows on my chin and neck. I tweeze daily which I get so tired of. What can I do to remove the hair naturally, effectively and permanently without spending a lot of money?

For an effective method to remove facial hair especially on the chin, neck and cheeks take a teaspoon of gram flour, one teaspoon of honey, one teaspoon of refined wheat flour, a pinch of freshly ground turmeric powder, and one teaspoon of fresh lemon juice. Mix this preparation well till it appears gooey and thick. Apply a generous paste on the areas where you notice excessive hair growth. Let it stay for about five minutes. Slowly start rubbing the area with your fingertips in a circular motion. Keep doing so for the next 15 minutes. Wash off first with slightly tepid water and rinse the face with cool water. Use this application on a daily basis for a week.

After a week use this preparation only on alternate days during the second week. On the third week, apply it just three times that week, on the fourth week apply it only on two occasions and on the final week use it just once. You will gradually notice the difference in the weeks that you make use of this application. You will notice less and less hair growth and it will eventually reduce to a great extent in the months to follow.

answered by K C

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