I am underweight my doctor says I need to add on few pounds. Sometimes I don't have an appetite. Are there any suggestions from u?

If you are underweight and your doctor has asked you to add on few extra pounds, then here are some of the best home and natural remedies to help you gain weight:

  • Muskmelon is one of the best cures for underweight. Eat muskmelon everyday and notice a remarkable change in your weight.
  • Many people believe that mango-milk diet is also beneficial in gaining weight. Follow the diet for about one week and you will definitely notice an increase in your weight.
  • Going on a completely milk diet can also help you in gaining tremendous weight.
  • Raisins are also good for treating increase in weight.
  • Fruits diet can also help you to increase weight. Almost all the fruits especially fruits with concentrated sugar can help to increase weight at a faster rate.
  • Fruits diet when combined with milk diet is a wonderful option for weight gain.
  • Avoid alcohol and smoking because these can make hamper the normal metabolic rate of your body.
  • Reduction and management of stress is also essential if you want to gain healthy weight. Stress often results in drastic weight loss and hampers the normal biological functions.
  • Physical activity is even more important in gaining and retaining healthy weight. Lack of physical exercises will pull out your stamina and make you inactive.

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