My child, 18 months doesn't eat anything. How to increase his appetite?

One of the most effective ways to improve a child's appetite is to give him grapes to eat as often as you can. If he does not like grapes, give grape juice, squash or syrup. Grapes are known to stimulate appetite. You can also substitute with raisins. Ginger is also an excellent remedy for appetite loss. Crushed ginger mixed with salt and lime can be given, if the child takes it. It is said that oranges also stimulate the appetite. Try giving the child an orange a day. One reason your child does not want to eat is possibly that he does not like the food you give him. Try new variations every day. You will find out what he likes and then you can go with that. Do not give the child water with meals, as this tends to fill them up and so they eat less. In between meals, try giving small attractive snacks to the child to stimulate the desire to eat. You could also try giving juices at these times. Rather than concentrating on the nutritional content, it is important you focus on the calorie content of the food you are giving the child, since children of that age require well above 1,000 calories a day to be considered healthy.

answered by G M

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