My body radiates heat mainly from my face, I feel very hot. My body temperature rises but not shown in Thermometer. I drink 10 - 15 glass of water per day but no use. Before I was suffering from acidity-gas etc. Is there any any test for this to diognose.

The symptoms you describe can be due to several different conditions. A personal examination and an investigation of your general health and your medical history will be necessary to determine exactly why you experience this heat from your face.

If, as you say, the thermometer does not show any rise in your body temperature, then your actual temperature is certainly not rising and the heat that you feel is only subjective. This rules out a fever and any diseases that would cause a fever, as well as a condition such as hyperthermia. In any case, you say you feel the heat mainly on your face and not all over your body. Most probably this is some sort of allergic reaction - it is certainly unrelated to your intake of water and most probably not related to your acidity and gas either. If the feeling comes and goes, try to keep track of what you were doing at the time and what you ate shortly before it. If you have an allergy, this might help you find the cause of the allergic reaction. However, the symptoms you describe could also be due to some sort of skin infection or condition, so you a visit to your doctor will be more useful in finding out the exact cause.

answered by G R

Flushing of the face occurs because of the dilation of the blood vessels in the skin. Flushing can happen when you eat hot or spicy food or are exposed to rapid variations in temperature. Flushing can also be caused by chemicals such as medications for cholesterol or diabetes, niacin supplements, certain food additives such as MSG and potassium metabisulfite, etc., which act on the blood vessels. Being on certain kinds of drugs may aggravate the problem. There are also certain conditions such as Rosacea, Carcinoid and hyperthyroidism which can cause it. It is a non specific symptom and may be caused by a whole variety of emotional or physiological reasons.

Some tests to arrive at the exact problem may include a full physical work up to determine your outward clinical symptoms. Blood tests and urine tests to diagnose hypothyroidism, carcinoid syndrome, menopausal status or polycythaemia may also be performed. In certain cases an ultrasound may also be needed to examine the abdominal area for abnormalities.

Some natural remedies to deal with flushing include:

  1. Keeping away from trigger foods. If hot and spicy foods are your problem then keep their consumption to a minimum
  2. Don't eat your food when it's too hot. Let soups and other hot foods cool for a bit.
  3. Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water during the course of the day.
  4. Suck on ice chips when you feel a flush coming on
  5. Wear some petroleum jelly on your face while going out in the cold

And here are some practical ways to cool your body down:

  1. Use a ceiling or box fan in the house. Try and keep fresh air circulating through the house and stay as close to the natural ambient temperature. If you suddenly go from an air conditioned house or mall to a hot summer day outdoors, your body may react to it
  2. Place a wet towel on the back of your neck or top of your head
  3. Run cold tap water over your wrists. Wet your ears and pulse points when you feel too warm. Wrap some ice cubes in a face towel and apply it to your pulse points.
  4. Use products containing peppermint. Peppermint has a cooling effect on the body.
  5. Try and eat less at every meal. Eat 5 small meals with smaller portions of protein. This will help reduce metabolic heat.

If the condition persists or is of too great a severity, please consult your primary health care giver.

answered by S E

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