Information on Body Heat: For the past two weeks my body has hot in a very sudden way. Every part of my body becomes all day especially at night and my girlfriend doesn't want me near her because I am hot at night but I don't feel sick in anyways. What co

Excessive body heat is one of the most common ailments that humans suffer from. The condition can be caused by a number of factors and one must not ignore the fact that it is more likely to be a symptom of some other serious underlying medical condition. Some individuals tend to inherently have more body heat than others and some of the variables that combine to cause its occurrence include excessive physical strain, consumption of certain medications and even indulgence in certain types of foods. Probably the biggest problem when dealing with excessive body heat is the amount of discomfort that one will experience. The condition can be quite debilitating in that it not only affects your daily schedule, but can seriously hamper the comfort with which you sleep. Severe body heat can also be a very serious medical problem as excessive heat is known to cause significant injury or even death of certain organs. Some of the other severe outcomes of excessive body heat include substantial change in blood pressure, seizures and increased and rapid rate of heartbeat. Because of the heightened temperature, evaporation of bodily fluids is much higher - thereby also increasing the risk of dehydration.

As a result of the increased risk of dehydration, it is always important that a patient suffering from excessive body heat makes it a habit of drinking substantial amounts of water throughout the day to keep the body hydrated. The types of foods consumed should also be monitored as the patient would need to avoid hot and spicy foods, cheese, vinegar, alcoholic beverages and coffee. You should also increase your intake of fruits - especially the ones that are high in water content such as watermelon, grapes, pomegranate and pineapples combined with a healthy vegetarian diet. Meats should be avoided, especially the red variety, as they induce heat into the body. One of the best and simplest home remedies when dealing with excessive body heat is to mix a few teaspoons of clarified butter into a glass of milk and consume it after every meal during the course of the day. Barley is another very highly regarded reducer of body heat and all that is required is to take about 200 grams of the ingredient and boil it in about 500 ml of water for about 20 to 30 minutes and drink the concoction. Some amount of sugar can be added in order to enhance taste.

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