Thyroid Cancer

by Sam Malone

Thyroid cancer is not a very fatal type of cancer. This cancer can occur in patients of any age, this cancer is related to the thyroid gland. Thyroid cancer is a slow growing cancer, this cancer cannot be removed at once, the cancer has a tendency to recur, and however, it is not much problematic since it grows quite slowly.

There are several different types of thyroid cancer; these are anaplastic thyroid cancer, papillary, medullary and follicular thyroid cancer. The most common type of thyroid cancer is the papillary thyroid cancer, this type of cancer occurs in women between the ages of 30-40. In some cases of this cancer, it spreads faster than it does otherwise. This ype of cancer also occurs in children, people who have been exposed to head and neck radiation for thyroid cancer also are at risk from the papillary thyroid cancer.

Thyroid gland enlargement happens in cases when there is acute shortage of iodine in the body, this disease is known as goitre, the only solution for this disease of the thyroid gland is surgery. However, enlargement of the gland is known as hyperthyroidism and might lead to thyroid cancer.

The symptoms of the thyroid cancer are hyperthyroidism, i.e. growth of thyroid gland, not al the growths are malignant. Only about 5% of these growths might turn out to be malignant cancer. You will require visiting endocrinologist t find out whether the growth is thyroid, or only hyperthyroidism, in which case you will not require undergoing the difficult cancer removal procedure. In case the cancer is not malignant, it can be sured only through surgery, no other treatment is required.

In case the disease is malignant and spreading, doctors can advise you part of complete removal of the gland so that it can ease out further checks of finding out whether the disease has spread. If the cancer has metastasized then with the removal it might become easier to find in the neck and throat region. It is also believed that there are less chances of recurrence of the disease if removed completely from the body.

Thyroid cancer can be detected through cea blood test, a glycoprotein which was especially found in people suffering with cancer, the CEA is generally not present in healthy adults, since its production stops before birth. One of the causes of thyroid cancer were found out to be exposure to radiation.

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