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My wife had a major operation last year and warded for 2 weeks. Post surgery and discharged, her left legs are bigger (swollen) than the right till today.

Welled up feet and legs-medically cited as edema- takes place when fluid is collected in the spacing within body cells. Edema invariably strikes the lower feet, legs or ankles. However edema is not restricted to feet or limbs alone. It is also known to affect any part of the body, inducing general symptoms.

This unnatural swelling can be set upon by either an abnormal functioning of the main organs of the body such as the kidney, heart, or liver. Other causes include a diet high in sodium chloride that causes sodium retention, excess of laxatives, diuretics or drugs. If your wife has been on medication since the surgery, then it can be due to the continuous use of medication. Please check with your doctor about the prescribed medication if it is being taken. Edema can also be due to an allergic reaction or neuromuscular disorders. Trauma is another of the causes, and in your wife's case, it is likely that the body perceived the surgery as trauma hence the edema is a consequence of that surgery. To repress the swelling, try elevating the legs. Raise the legs while putting minimum compression on the thighs and lower back. A recliner or a chair that raises the legs parallel to the body is also a good way of bringing down the swelling.

answered by K C

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