I had my ovaries removed 8 weeks ago. I have swelling in my hands and feet and face. It causes uncontrolled itching, much discomfort. What can I do to stop this?

The symptoms you are describing sound like a cause for serious concern. You should go back to the doctor who performed the surgery and check to see what is causing all of these unusual symptoms. While it is normal to experience some amount of swelling in the abdomen, and sometimes even the whole body after you have had your ovaries surgically removed, this usually disappears within a week or two. If it has persisted for eight weeks, it is possible that some unusual complication has arisen. It is also unusual for the face and hands and feet to swell up in the way you are describing and the accompanying itching sensation is also not a normal occurrence. It cannot be stressed enough that you must go to a doctor in order to get a fix on the problem.

At home, you can simply indulge in warm baths which will relieve your discomfort and make you feel better. Add a few drops of lavender oil to your bath water fro relief from the itching as well. The other thing you can do for itching is apply calamine lotion to the particularly itchy areas. This will cool down your body and momentarily provide you with some relief.

answered by M W

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