Advice for swollen lymph gland

Swollen lymph glands or lymph nodes are usually an outcome of localized or unspecific inflammation in the body. However on certain occasions dilated lymph nodes can also indicate a level of malignancy, if associated with other symptoms. In any case, the swelling of lymph nodes is a matter of concern. The lymph glands are spread throughout the body and are of great importance to the body's defense system. Lymph nodes flow a special fluid known as lymphatic fluid and this fluid is critical in its storage of special defense cells that are used to attack harmful or cancerous cells or any kind of harmful bacteria traveling through the body. The lymph nodes are crucial in determining the body's state of immunity and hence it is an area of concern if these lymph nodes appear swollen, indicating lowered immunity.

And a deficient immune system is perfect ground for all kinds of infections and diseases. It is imperative that your wife gets herself checked in accordance with the doctor's advice as the longer one waits, the more complications are due to arise. It is best to nip the doubt in the bud and treat the symptom as soon as possible without further ado.

answered by K C

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